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Our Premium Blends
Starbucks® the company we love to hate was created with two coffees. Pikes Place® Blend and Espresso Roast® Blend were the two blends that created the worlds largest coffee empire; and no matter how hard we may try, it's hard to argue with their success.

Starbucks® proved that you don't need to stock ten varietals, or twenty flavored coffees to make it big in this business. They proved to the world that you only need stock two coffees.

Unlike Starbucks® flavor profile...we are offering you two coffees totally different in taste. These really are two incredible coffees. Two of what we consider the world's finest coffees. One, a fantastic House Blend, and the other an exquisite Espresso.

The two coffees, our Plantation Blend sipping coffee, and our Café Supremo espresso are without a doubt the two finest coffees you will ever try.

These are the only two coffees you will ever need!

No longer will you have to stock your shelves with coffees that go stale before you can move them. No longer will you lose money stocking coffees that only a very small percentage of your customers purchase.  Starbucks® knew that...and they proved it to the world.

If you are a coffee retailer we know there is not much we can teach you about coffee...You know coffee! You know what premium coffee should taste like.  You are the expert..."You Know Coffee!"

We know that you love great coffee, and we would like to send samples of our Plantation Blend and Café Supremo.

Please try the samples, or better yet, do a taste test with your customers. You will be pleasantly surprised.

To receive the samples, please give us a call at 813-690-3425 or email at manny174@gmail.com and I will get your coffee out to you within a few days.

Manny Sardiñas

Plantation Blend
Plantation Blend
This original coffee recipe was created in 1848 at Los Robles (The Oaks) Plantation in Florida and has remained unchanged for over one hundred and fifty years. Reserved exclusively for the Southern Aristocracy, this coffee was served only in the finest plantations and homes of the Old South. Now you can experience the taste of the past...The taste of days gone by. Taste the rich full bodied flavor...enjoy the wonderful aroma. This is coffee as it was...This is coffee exactly as it should be.
Ybor City Café Supremo
Ybor City Café Supremo
Olde World Coffee Company is proud to announce the release of our Café Supremo. This excellent Dark Roast has been our family "Private Roast" over eighty years and has only been available to a chosen few family members and friends. Rich...Bold...Vibrant...with never a bitter taste. If you are a lover of espresso style coffees, then you owe it to yourself to try our Café Supremo. The finest Espresso in the world...Bar none!